Team Drake

Team Drake consultants are from all walks of life:

  • Non-Profit Management
  • Stay-At-Home Parent
  • Finance
  • Civic Engineer
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Hair Stylist
  • Security
  • Sales
  • Culinary Arts
  • Technology and Computers
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Business Administration
  • Education

We all have a common goal to earn free energy and additional income for our families & help others do the same.

Meet the Team:


Jason Drake, Senior Consultant, Joined Ambit March 2011

Jason saw the opportunity early when Ambit Energy entered the Maryland Market and started taking advantage of the free energy program from day one.  Since that time he has help others do the same and created a growing team of marketing consultants.  Jason works full time as the Chief Operations Officer of Strategic Applications International (SAI) and Director of Social Media for their non-profit arm Servant Forge.


Sonja Dang,  Regional Consultant, Joined Ambit June 2013

Sonja is a hairstylist at The Salon at May’s Chapel that is making waves in the Maryland energy market. Sonja has earned free energy for her family and she is now helping her friends and family do the same.


Melvin Jones,  Regional Consultant, Joined Ambit September 2011

Melvin Jones was Team Drake’s first business partner, who unfortunately passed away on January 18, 2015.  He promoted to Regional Consultant on the day of his funeral on January 28, 2015.  His efforts in this business are no passed on to his wife Angelique Jones and we will continue to create additional income for his family.


Ada Drake, Marketing Consultant, Joined Ambit February 2013

Ada joined our team to eliminate her energy bill and help others do the same.  Ada is a health assistant for Baltimore County Public Schools and her continued efforts with Ambit Energy has created additional income for her house.


Chris and Kristen Smith, Marketing Consultants, Joined Ambit November 2013

The Smiths are a growing family in Baltimore, who joined my team to earn free energy and create additional income for their growing family.  The Smiths received their first free energy credit the month their youngest son was born.  Chris is a stay at home parent working on his degree in computer science and Kristen is an administrator at John Hopkins working on her Masters in Social Work.


Justin and Megan Karson, Marketing Consultants, Joined Ambit November 2014

Justin is a Chief at Mercy Ridge Retirement Community and Megan is a trainer for the Maryland YMCA.  As newlyweds and a long time customer they decided to join my team to reduce their household expenses by creating free energy credits through our program.


Kelly Drake, Marketing Consultant, Joined Ambit February 2012

Kelly works at the Living Classroom Foundation scheduling all of their shipboard education programs.  Kelly is working on her free energy and sharing the opportunity with her network.


Cory Scott, Marketing Consultant, Join Ambit February 2015

 Cory works as a Civic Engineer, but understood the opportunity that Ambit Energy could provide for his growing family.

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Michelle Holder, Marketing Consultant, Joined Ambit February 2015

Michelle is a business manager for Dynamo Electric, LLC and Cub Scout Leader at Troop 124. Michelle understands the mission of Ambit Energy and wants to eliminate her energy bill and create extra income for her family.


Di Jones, Marketing Consultant, Joined Ambit February 2015

Mrs. Di is a realtor at Equity Realty and owns a business Diman Bullies raising and selling “American Bullies.” Di has joined my team to reduce her energy bill and expand the business in Maryland and throughout the region.


Lisa Mertz, Marketing Consultant, Joined Ambit February 2015

Lisa is a mortgage broker at New Penn Financial. Lisa had a negative experience with an alternative supplier so now she is making sure her friends and family get guaranteed savings and earning free energy for her family.


Sherry Certeza, Marketing Consultant, Joined Ambit February 2015

Sherry is the owner of Design Accomplished, an interior decorating service. Sherry joined our team after being a customer and wanting to earn her family free energy.


Jenny Garcia-Abreu, Marketing Consultant, Joined Ambit February 2015

Jenny is a Budget Analyst for Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics. Beside her new Ambit business he also started a It Works business together building some extra income for her growing family.


Eileen Copple, Marketing Consultant, Join Ambit February 2015

Eileen is retired and joined Ambit to create some extra income to spoil her children and grandchildren.


Sheena Partlow, Marketing Consultant, Joined Ambit February 2015

Sheena is a hard working mom working multiple jobs to provide for her family.  Sheena was one of Team Drake’s first customers and has finally decide to join our team create some extra income and free energy for her family.

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