Solar Energy in Action

In April 2016 I took the plunge and started my free consultation for solar panels with Ambit Energy and our new partner SunRun.  After an initial conversation, I was given a personalized solar panel design for my house and a quote of what they thought a system on my house. As well as a dedicated SunRun customer care representative to walk me through the process and answer any questions or concerns.

Solar Panel Design

After reviewing the designs, we worked up an agreement that guaranteed 40% production of my family’s energy costs for the locked in cost of $45 a month for a 20 year lease with $0 down.  After a home inspection we were able to come up with a solid contract and planned an installation date of April 29th, 2016.

Solar Installation Solar panels on the house....

It took a while for the Baltimore County Inspection and required an additional repair by the SunRun crew to meet county regulations (However I had an amazing experience with the SunRun crew).  Once we got our new net meter installed and got the authorization from BGE the system has been running since June 22, 2016.  Over that next month I got to see what the system was doing for my house and the environment. After my first month and a few days of solar production, my house has generated 547.7 kwH of clean solar energy for my house. The charts show daily production and lifetime values, for example my solar system has offset the output of planting 10 trees, could keep a light bulb running for 4.8 years, charge a cell phone for 17 years and run a refrigerator for 4 months.

Charging your cellphone with solar CO2 saved with Solar Running a light bulb with Solar Running your Refridgerator

Thanks to SunRun I can monitor my hourly, daily, and monthly real time production. Excited to see my utility bill get smaller as I reduce my delivery and supply charges from BGE.  I encourage everyone to see if their house is a good candidate for solar energy and get their free consultation today.


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