Jason Drake – Why Ambit?

My name is Jason Drake, I am a Regional Consultant (soon to be Senior Consultant) for Ambit Energy and one of the leaders of Team Drake. Over the last 4 years I have built up a solid team of 28 business partners that are helping our 250+ customers with guaranteed savings on their utility bill. My customers are my friends and family and they have given me honest feedback about our service. I can tell you that not one of them has been dissatisfied!

Why I choose to start my own business?

My “Why” has changed over the last 4 years in this business. In the beginning I started this business to be able to provide as a stay at home dad and it helped me by creating monthly free energy credits, bonuses, and a residual income. While I still would love to be a stay at home dad with the kids, I have started working full time as the Chief Operating Officer for Strategic Applications International. I have now shifted my priorities to creating a college fund for all three of my sons with my Ambit business.

My favorite part of my job is saving customers money and eliminating my business partners energy bills. Currently Ada Drake, Sonja Dang, Chris and Kristen Smith, and my Family have free electric credits every month and we have many other partners only a few customers away from their monthly credits.  The best part of this business is helping others create additional income and eliminate a bill they have to pay every month.

My why is my family! The ability to provide and spend more quality time with them and provide financial stability in the changing economic environment.


There are two ways you can help?

Become a customer for free and save money or our environment

Would you do me a favor and become one of my team’s customers?  Our company guarantees to save you money just for trying Ambit at no cost and its risk-free with no early termination fees on any of our plans.  We also offer a 100% Certified Green-E Wind Power option and just added solar (September 2015) with SunRun in CA, NY, NJ, and MA. Become one of our customers today and stop paying too much for your energy! Simply go to http://drake.joinambit.com/ to join!

Earn Free Energy – If you like Ambit’s Service you can refer friends & family and earn yourself free energy.

Free Energy Chart (1)

In addition to residential savings we also opened to small commercial customers in many of our markets and would love to lower your overhead and increase profits for your business.  Give me a call if you own a business and would like to reduce your utility costs. 410-746-3313

Become a marketing consultant on my team and start eliminating your electric bill…

A Growing Opportunity

I believe there is a great opportunity for you in Ambit Energy. I would feel terrible to hear that you would have appreciated the same opportunity but didn’t take it because I didn’t share my story. Consider this your official invitation to get into a recession proof business that is largest deregulation in the history of the United States. Now is the perfect time to get into the business with an industry poised to expand dramatically over the next few year and I can help our team grow successfully. If you have not watched my video about this opportunity please go to http://drake.energy526.com/ If you have taken a look and are not interested in becoming a consultant I understand but I hope you will still consider being my customer.

Do you have any questions?

Please feel free to give me a call or send me an email if you have any questions.

A special thanks to all my friends and family that have helped me be so successful so far and I look forward to saving you money for years to come!

Jason Drake, MBA

Marketing Consultant, Ambit Energy

Cell: 410-746-3313

Email: jasonrobertdrake@gmail.com

Website: https://team-drake.com

I own my own business, so I get to make my own hours and spend time with my family.

If I conservatively average that my customers are paying about $150 or so a month for their electric supply (Most I would say higher). That averages out to $4.5 bucks a month per customer (minimum 3% savings guarantee can be more especially if they also have natural gas) or $1,125 per month for all 250 of my customers. That comes out to $13,500 a year divided among my friends and family and this is only the beginning. Become a customer or join my team today to help our savings number grow! https://team-drake.com

These numbers do not include the $2,481.90 saved this year alone in free energy credits with our referral program.

My dad provided me and my sister with the opportunity of college and I want to do the same and more for my three sons. Ambit has given me that opportunity.



My wife and I love to help others and this business has allowed me to create an income to make more generous donations to our charities and support for our growing boys.


My newest electric credit… Ambit Energy is the only company with a free energy program. 15 referrals = a tax free credit every month. So far I have saved $3,825.73 in 48 months of free electric credits.

August 2015 Free Electric
August 2015 Free Gas

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